If you’re a fan of well-tuned machinery, you’ll appreciate how scheduling your AC maintenance in Summerville, GA can boost your cooling results. It also helps ensure reliable operation during the summer, allowing plenty of relaxed summer days in comfort. Maintenance time is when an experienced HVAC technician has the chance to thoroughly check, clean and lubricate, and test your system. They’ll also provide an AC tune-up that pays dividends in energy efficiency all summer long.

Experienced AC Maintenance Professionals in Summerville

An air conditioning system that’s worked hard the previous season and sat idle through the winter needs quite a bit of attention before another Summerville summer. AC maintenance provides a cleanout of the condenser unit outside, removing the layers of dirt on heat transfer coils. Compressor, fans, and startup components like the contactor all need testing and servicing for reliability. Inside, another set of coils along with air handling equipment need cleaning. It’s a thorough process combined with ongoing inspection along the way.

An AC tune-up is part of the process, ensuring that you’re getting the optimum efficiency from your system. Whether it’s a newer, high-efficiency variable-speed compressor system, or a decades old system that just won’t quit, there’s always room for improvement. For example, the refrigerant system not only provides efficient cooling, but protects the compressor by having sufficient levels in leak-free, well-insulated lines. Anything that improves performance also reduces wear, keeping your AC system components from working as hard to keep you cool.

A thorough review of your air handling system, ducts, vents, filters, and air quality equipment, as well as cooling components helps prevent service calls later for comfort issues. You start off the season strong, knowing your system has been thoroughly checked. In fact, the AC maintenance technician even keeps an eye out for developing issues so they can be corrected at your convenience.

AC maintenance provides important benefits like:
  • Clean, efficient cooling equipment
  • Thorough review of your AC system’s condition
  • Peak performance, even from aging equipment
  • Testing and inspection to avoid urgent summer repairs