Mini split AC systems in Rome, GA provide precise temperature control and energy efficiency, making them one of the most popular types of cooling systems today. With the countless issues that these systems often face, it’s essential to have a professional handle your mini split installation, repair, and maintenance needs. Luckily, we’re the professionals who are known to handle this job excellently.

Our team at Hitchcock Heating & Air is equipped with years of experience in dealing with ductless AC systems. Whether you’ve just purchased a new unit or need repairs for an existing one, call us for the highest quality mini split services.

Mini Split AC Services in Rome

Installing a mini split system is no easy task. In order to ensure proper functioning and efficiency, every detail must be taken into account. The first step is to get the right size of unit for your space. It’s important to get a survey of your home or office and determine exactly what type, size, and style of ductless mini split system will best meet your needs. The next step is to measure and map out exactly where to put the indoor unit and outdoor condenser, and after that, the actual installation of the mini-split AC will take place.

There are some other benefits you may enjoy when you choose us to install your ductless AC system.
  • Better temperature control
  • Lower costs on energy bills
  • Quiet and discreet operation
  • Low maintenance

What if you need your existing ductless air conditioner repaired? Notably, one of the biggest signs of a faulty mini split AC is warm air coming out of the vents. This could be due to several issues, such as blocked filters, malfunctioning components, or refrigerant leakage. Whatever the cause, it’s easy to have it up and running in no time. All it takes is a quick identification of the root cause of any issues you may have, followed by the needed repairs. For instance, you may need to replace broken parts, clean the unit, or fix wiring problems.