While it’s cute when birds land on the AC unit filling your window, a mini-split AC in Summerville, GA is a much better way to get cool. It provides efficient cooling delivered through a small connection in the wall leading to a compressor unit outside. A mini-split air conditioner services up to four rooms, with independent cooling in each using a sophisticated distribution head. Great for in-law apartments and spaces where ductwork isn’t right, ductless air conditioners have been providing creative AC solutions for decades.

Mini-Split AC Experts in Summerville

A mini-split air conditioner can be used as a separate “zone” that’s controlled independently and even circulates air locally. This allows you to cut back on whole-house AC and still get the cooling you need for a nursery, in-law apartment, or home office. It’s also perfect on its own for garages, workshops, and outbuildings. Some of our customers use them instead of running ductwork throughout their home, or to avoid the cost of updating worn-out ducts. Mini-split AC is scalable, providing cooling for entire homes.

Ductless air conditioners circulate refrigerant directly through the wall to an independent distribution head. These are available in wall or floor mounted and suspended ceiling models. Distribution heads include thermostats, local air circulation and filtration, and often motion sensors, remote controls, and other advanced features. Since a mini-split air conditioner doesn’t use window space, you get more light and visibility and eliminate the security risk of window-mounted AC. For flexible, efficient cooling solutions without ductwork, designers can use mini-split AC!

Mini-split air conditioners provide solutions like:
  • Efficient cooling for multiple rooms
  • Duct-free AC for practical or design reasons
  • Separate cooling for outbuildings or special purpose spaces
  • Standard HVAC technician repairs and maintenance