Do you want the convenience and energy savings of a thermostat in Summerville, GA that integrates with your other smart home features? Many homeowners find that installing, integrating, even correctly wiring off-the-shelf smart thermostats isn’t the right way for them. It makes a lot of sense to have a Wi-Fi based HVAC control installed professionally that’s easily integrated with both heating and cooling and other household electronics.

Leading HVAC manufacturer Trane has offered the Nexia integrated smart thermostat solution, now sold under their own brand. It offers local wireless integration with many major smart home brands, along with convenient installation for optimum comfort management, and even app-based control.

Integrated Thermostat Control in Summerville

Stand-alone thermostats with smart features have been helping families save on energy for years. Integrated models that work with smart home systems provide more sophisticated management. In adjusting heating and cooling according to needs, timing, and even the weather, help optimize energy use. Connecting these devices to HVAC equipment has been challenging at times for homeowners, and often provides limited features.

In conjunction with leading HVAC manufacturer Trane, we’ve been providing Nexia thermostat systems, advanced and well-integrated with home comfort equipment with app management. These systems are designed to provide Wi-Fi based thermostat control where it’s needed, along with wireless integration with many types of smart home systems and devices. For homeowners who want enjoy comfort, convenience, and energy savings in one package, it’s a smart choice!

Our smart thermostat solutions include features like:
  • HVAC-focused smart home integration
  • Energy-saving control systems
  • Convenient wireless connectivity
  • Integration with other major smart home equipment
  • App-based convenience and more!