The South can be stifling hot during the summer, so turn to us at Hitchcock Heating & Air for an attic fan in Cartersville, GA. This kind of fan runs on less electricity than conventional air conditioners, so it’s a good way to reduce your monthly bill. Basically, it sucks air in through open windows in the living space and then out through vents in the attic. The breeze it creates is comfortable during mild and medium heat levels.

Where a whole-house fan truly shines on very hot days, however, is when it’s combined with a standard central air conditioner. Both running together are more efficient at cooling than either one by itself. The best part is that when paired this way, both systems work less hard, which makes each of them last longer overall. One final thing to consider when thinking about an attic fan is that by reducing your usage of electricity, you’ll be helping the environment.